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Armor Catalog

Helmets, gauntlets, boots, shields and more. Armor is necessary for your character's defense. The main status modifiers that armor provides are: Dodge, Parry, and Absorb. The higher your Dodge and Parry bonuses, the more proficient your character will be at avoiding melee attacks. Absorb, on the other hand, allows your armor to diminish the damage that your opponent deals against you.

Absorbtion armor is a passive ability and requires no skill training in order to benefit from its affects. Dodge and Parry, on the other hand, require skills to be trained both in the Warrior & Thief classes. Top tier dodge and parry equipment can also be more difficult to come across, and can be worn on every equipment slot available to your character.

While armor is essential to your success in the game, its benefits are minimal against Channelers, whose Weaves typically bypass the three defensive status modifiers. Channelers, meanwhile, usually need to avoid being hit while their weave is being carried out. With the high penalties for skill training for the Channeler class, this can be a very difficult area to dominate.

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