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Yurian Stonebow

Located in the area known as Whitebridge to Baerlon.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 50%
A pair of gold-fringed boots Foot Wear 25%
A pair of dark cloth leggings Leg Wear 24%
A crystal trimmed shield Shields 10%
A wood-handled estoc with an iron cross-guard Weapons 40%
A brilliant gold ring Rings 33%
A gold ring Rings 35%
A pair of smooth black and brown fur gloves Hand Gear 24%
A dark silver cuff Wrist Trinkets 28%
A diamond wristcuff Wrist Trinkets 14%
A swordsman's belt Belts 24%
A pair of dark fur sleeves Arm Wear 26%
A worn animal hide vest Upper Body Gear 50%
A fur cloak, held by a silver brooch Cloaks & Capes 22%
A murky colored hood Head Gear 26%
A sparkling gold earring in the shape of a shield Ear Trinkets 22%
A thick earring made of gold Ear Trinkets 20%
A black cord with a raven pendant Neck Trinkets 24%
A shimmering pendant of heartstone Neck Trinkets 20%
A wooden quiver with steel buckles Back Wear 10%
A woodland camouflage hunting cloak Cloaks & Capes 30%
A necklace of heavy gold links Neck Trinkets 34%
A small golden chain Neck Trinkets 36%
A gold earring Ear Trinkets 30%
A small diamond earring Ear Trinkets 27%
A golden silk turban Head Gear 42%
A blue silk shirt Upper Body Gear 100%
A pair of ranger boots Foot Wear 30%
A pair of dull green earthen breeches Leg Wear 37%
A tarnished bronze heater shield Shields 40%
A wire hilted rapier, sporting a red tassel Weapons 40%
A glistening steel ring Rings 39%
A twisted iron band Rings 40%
A sparkling golden armlet Wrist Trinkets 25%
A simple silver wristband Wrist Trinkets 100%
A swordsman's belt Belts 8%
A pair of golden silk sleeves Arm Wear 100%
A pair of sleek black gloves Hand Gear 100%
A pair of wolfhide leggings Leg Wear 100%
A curved silver shield Shields 100%
A jewel encrusted cutlass Weapons 100%
An emerald signet ring Rings 100%
A simple silver circlet Rings 100%
A pair of black gloves Hand Gear 100%
A plain brown cloak Cloaks & Capes 100%
A rock colored shoufa Head Gear 100%
A sparkling ruby earring Ear Trinkets 100%
A silver worked earring Ear Trinkets 100%
A thick bronzed medallion Neck Trinkets 100%
A necklace with an opal pendant Neck Trinkets 100%
A pair of wolfhide boots Foot Wear 100%