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An undead skeleton knight

Located in the area known as North of Keep.
What at first may appear to be a pile of random bones and ancient, rusty armor is in fact a creation of dark power. Known as the Skeleton Knight, this figure has passed over into the afterlife many moons ago, and is now cursed to walk among the living as a creature of the undead. Whatever powers that animate this knight remains a complete mystery. Those who have encountered the Skeleton Knight have reported that his strength and battle prowess matches that of any skilled warrior alive today. No courageous soul has ever been able to vanquish this knight of the undead.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 50%
A pair of silver full-greaves with golden knee caps Leg Wear 25%
A wicked, wide-bladed voulge forged from dark steel Weapons 20%
A delicate diamond ring Rings 20%
A black ring Rings 44%
A pair of shimmering steel gauntlets Hand Gear 38%
A belt made of bones with a skull shaped buckle Belts 100%
A pair of shimmering steel vambraces Arm Wear 33%
A set of thin metal pauldrons Shoulder Wear 80%
A light-weight splinted plate with red etchings Upper Body Gear 39%
A long, heavy black cape Cloaks & Capes 100%
A great helm Head Gear 40%
A polished amulet of onyx Neck Trinkets 22%
A polished amulet of onyx Neck Trinkets 45%
A pair of steel-plated war boots Foot Wear 43%
A thick bronzed medallion Neck Trinkets 36%
A pair of black steel war boots Foot Wear 70%
A pair of full-plated greaves Leg Wear 100%
A gleaming steel-headed broad axe Weapons 55%
A black ring Rings 35%
A pair of thick metal gauntlets Hand Gear 64%
A pair of plated vambraces Arm Wear 100%
A set of light metal pauldrons Shoulder Wear 20%
A shimmering steel breastplate Upper Body Gear 50%
A gold entwined chainmail coif Head Gear 80%
A pair of plated vambraces Arm Wear 100%
A pair of full-plated greaves Leg Wear 100%
An immense war axe engraved with a silver wolf Weapons 100%
A pair of iron gauntlets Hand Gear 100%
A thick suit of plate mail Upper Body Gear 100%
A shimmering steel helmet Head Gear 100%
An old rusty chain Neck Trinkets 100%
A pair of plated metal boots Foot Wear 100%