Kinslayer MUD
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Malandric, the deposed queen

Located in the area known as Tarwin's Gap.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A strange ruby necklace Neck Trinkets 30%
A lavender colored glass brooch Held Items 20%
A blackened silver longbow Weapons, Back Wear 5%
A studded leather quiver Back Wear 10%
A necklace of precious emeralds Neck Trinkets 30%
A pair of steel plated leather boots Foot Wear 45%
A pair of flexible riveted chainmail leggings Leg Wear 41%
A blackened steel spear Weapons 28%
A twisted iron band Rings 31%
A glistening steel ring Rings 27%
A heavy pair of gold-knuckled silver gauntlets Hand Gear 25%
An iron bracelet with ancient engravings Wrist Trinkets 10%
An immaculate jade earring Ear Trinkets 30%
A ruby earring in the shape of a heart Ear Trinkets 33%
A gold entwined chainmail coif Head Gear 41%
A cloak with a wolf-hide border Cloaks & Capes 35%
A ribbed mail tunic crafted from bronze Upper Body Gear 20%
A set of shoulder pads worked with silver Shoulder Wear 60%
A pair of light, scale backed ringmail sleeves Arm Wear 41%
A polished black belt Belts 37%
A black tinted wristcuff Wrist Trinkets 25%
A sturdy sungwood bow Weapons, Back Wear 10%
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 50%
A pair of polished metal boots Foot Wear 60%
A pair of ringmail leggings Leg Wear 100%
A well-crafted steel spear with a jagged tip Weapons 35%
A tough pair of gatorskin gloves Hand Gear 40%
A smooth silver bracelet Wrist Trinkets 55%
A silver bracelet Wrist Trinkets 60%
A rough steel belt with an ornate buckle Belts 75%
A pair of ringmail sleeves Arm Wear 100%
A pair of tough leather shoulder pads Shoulder Wear 100%
A snug-fitting jerkin of cured grolm hide Upper Body Gear 48%
A smooth fur-lined cloak Cloaks & Capes 64%
A thick leather coif Head Gear 100%
A delicate sungwood earring Ear Trinkets 56%
A necklace with an opal pendant Neck Trinkets 52%
A medallion of shiny silver Neck Trinkets 49%
A silver worked earring Ear Trinkets 80%
A diaphanous cloth garment Cloaks & Capes 98%
A pair of grolm skin gloves Hand Gear 100%
A heavy steel spear Weapons 100%
A stout yew bow Weapons, Back Wear 20%