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King Easar

Located in the area known as Fal Moran.
Easar Togita is the ruling King of Shienar, and belongs to the noble House of Togita, the ruling House of the Shienaran nation. Agelmar Jagand is the nephew to King Easar, and goes to show the extend of political power King Easar wields. Although Easar's traditional topknot is white with age, his face remains devoid of wrinkles, and belies the years of training he has endured. As King of Shienar, Easar Togita reigns over all the cities in the nation, and leads their cause against the hordes of Shadowspawn that descend from the Blighted lands.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A pair of steel-bound combat boots Foot Wear 66%
A pair of shimmering steel greaves Leg Wear 100%
A glittering golden spear with a fine, steel head Weapons 25%
A pair of shimmering steel gauntlets Hand Gear 100%
A rough steel belt with an ornate buckle Belts 100%
A pair of flexed obsidian vambraces Arm Wear 100%
A set of shoulder pads worked with silver Shoulder Wear 100%
A shimmering steel breastplate Upper Body Gear 100%
A woodland camouflage hunting cloak Cloaks & Capes 100%
A shimmering steel helmet Head Gear 100%
A shimmering pendant of heartstone Neck Trinkets 33%
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 50%
A pair of steel-plated war boots Foot Wear 100%
A hard-grained mahogany lance with a heavy iron vamplate Weapons 25%
A wicked, wide-bladed voulge forged from dark steel Weapons 100%