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Elder Rhelwid

Located in the area known as Niamh Passes.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A shining silver earring Ear Trinkets 10%
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 50%
A necklace of heavy gold links Neck Trinkets 10%
A black cord with a raven pendant Neck Trinkets 10%
A sparkling gold earring in the shape of a shield Ear Trinkets 4%
A velvet leather shoufa Head Gear 40%
A smooth fur-lined cloak Cloaks & Capes 10%
A fancy cotton-packed vest Upper Body Gear 20%
A pair of steel pauldrons Shoulder Wear 25%
A pair of golden silk sleeves Arm Wear 25%
A pair of riveted chainmail gloves Hand Gear 35%
A glistening steel ring Rings 5%
A sharp, sleek-edged poniard Weapons 14%
A tarnished bronze heater shield Shields 50%
A pair of baggy green breeches Leg Wear 45%
A green dangling circlet Wrist Trinkets 20%
A pair of ranger boots Foot Wear 20%
A ruby earring in the shape of a heart Ear Trinkets 15%
A pair of black tooled silver boots Foot Wear 100%
A pair of thick leather leggings Leg Wear 100%
A tall metal tower shield Shields 70%
A steel, dart-tipped chain whip Weapons 35%
A pair of sleek black gloves Hand Gear 100%
A simple silver wristband Wrist Trinkets 66%
A set of loosely fitted white cloth sleeves Arm Wear 100%
A light green chainmail shirt Upper Body Gear 100%
A dark brown cloak Cloaks & Capes 100%
An old rusted earring Ear Trinkets 90%
A necklace of precious emeralds Neck Trinkets 66%
A hat with white plumes Head Gear 100%
A spear with a sungwood shaft Weapons 100%
A curved silver shield Shields 100%