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Doon the Dark

Located in the area known as North of Whitebridge.
With powers granted by the Dark One himself, Doon the Dark is capable of traversing the land by traveling among the shadows. This myrddraal has successfully lead his horde of trollocs out of the Blight and south to the great nation of Andor. The fist of trollocs that are at Doon's command are savage beasts that kill without a shred of mercy, and feed upon their human victims. This fade is no different than the rest: his skin is as white as a corpse, and where there should be eyes there is only pale skin that tightly covers any evidence of eye sockets. A great sense of dread emanates from this fade and instills fear in the very hearts of its enemies.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 40%
A pair of steel-bound combat boots Foot Wear 28%
A pair of shimmering steel greaves Leg Wear 28%
A wicked, wide-bladed voulge forged from dark steel Weapons 20%
A delicate diamond ring Rings 11%
A pair of shimmering steel gauntlets Hand Gear 28%
A shimmering steel belt Belts 28%
A pair of shimmering steel vambraces Arm Wear 28%
A set of shimmering steel pauldrons Shoulder Wear 28%
A silver-breasted cuirass bound in gold Upper Body Gear 25%
A diaphanous cloth garment Cloaks & Capes 100%
A shimmering steel helmet Head Gear 28%
A thick bronzed medallion Neck Trinkets 36%
A polished amulet of onyx Neck Trinkets 30%
A shimmering steel breastplate Upper Body Gear 28%
A plain white scarf Neck Trinkets 100%
An old rusty chain Neck Trinkets 100%
A great helm Head Gear 42%
A pair of thick steel pauldrons Shoulder Wear 42%
A pair of thick metal vambraces Arm Wear 42%
A tough section of dried boarhide Belts 35%
A pair of thick metal gauntlets Hand Gear 42%
An immense war axe engraved with a silver wolf Weapons 60%
A pair of full-plated greaves Leg Wear 42%
A pair of steel-plated war boots Foot Wear 42%
A pair of thick metal leggings Leg Wear 100%
A pair of black steel war boots Foot Wear 100%
A gleaming steel-headed broad axe Weapons 100%
A black ring Rings 55%
A thin bronze ring Rings 50%
A pair of heavy metal gauntlets Hand Gear 100%
A strange chain belt Belts 100%
A pair of black steel vambraces Arm Wear 100%
A pair of steel pauldrons Shoulder Wear 100%
A pair of black steel overlapping plates Upper Body Gear 100%
A full helm Head Gear 100%