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Desmun the Captain

Located in the area known as Baerlon road, just east of Baerlon.
A former Captain for the Children of the Light, this man stands tall with the posture of someone trained to kill. There is an aura of pride that surrounds this renegade Whitecloak as he holds his head high so that he stares down at his victims. This outcast has become deranged as his exile has left him to roam the land to finally settle in Andor, where he preys on anyone who stands in his way. Returning this man back to the ways of the Light seems an impossible task, and to defeat him requires someone with a great deal of courage.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A plated silver belt with a golden scabbard Belts 25%
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 50%
A thick fur-lined quiver Back Wear 10%
A small golden chain Neck Trinkets 10%
A delicate gold chain Neck Trinkets 13%
A sparkling gold earring in the shape of a shield Ear Trinkets 5%
A great helm Head Gear 40%
A white cloak with an embroidered sunburst Cloaks & Capes 100%
A steel sunburst emblazoned breastplate Upper Body Gear 25%
A set of shimmering steel pauldrons Shoulder Wear 8%
A pair of scale knit sleeves Arm Wear 100%
A pair of heavy metal gauntlets Hand Gear 100%
A worn golden signet ring Rings 45%
A dark steel lance Weapons 25%
A pair of ringmail leggings Leg Wear 100%
A pair of polished metal boots Foot Wear 100%
A shining steel helm Head Gear 68%
A cooling-hardened breastplate Upper Body Gear 100%
A gilded warbelt Belts 50%
A long, sharp bladed claymore Weapons 50%
A heavy lance made of polished silver Weapons 100%
A steel plated belt Belts 100%
A full helm Head Gear 100%