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A huge spider

Located in the area known as A Forrested Path, North of Tar Valon.
This arachnoid is covered in fur that is mottled with bright colorful spots. Obviously this spider is extremely poisonous. A collection of dark, opaque eyes blink from its fury vestige. The feelers and pinchers that form its mandible are razor sharp and have the potential to thrash and tear its victim to pieces. Its lair is a labyrinth of of sticky, poisonous webbing that protects the creature from any intruders. Adventurers beware, to be caught in this huge spider's web is sure death!

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A delicate sungwood earring Ear Trinkets 30%
A wristcuff with embedded gems Wrist Trinkets 66%
A silver curving dagger Weapons 100%