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A channeling Aiel warrior

Located in the area known as Whitebridge to Baerlon.
This warrior is an outcast from his fellow Aiel, as the taint on Saidin has driven him entirely insane. An exile of the Taarded Aiel, he roams the land seeking to fulfill a twisted form of aiel Ji.Had. The insanity caused great devastation in his wake as he ventured west out of the Aiel Waste. Finally deciding to reside off the caemlyn road, he is known to many as the Channeling Aiel Warrior.a corruptly insane fighter wielding both steel and Power.

This SuperMOB is rated: Challenging
Item Name Location Probability
A tough leather bag embroidered with gold Held Items 50%
A crystal trimmed shield Shields 25%
An obsidian ring, flecked with gold Rings 25%
A shimmering pendant of heartstone Neck Trinkets 10%
A necklace of precious emeralds Neck Trinkets 10%
A sparkling diamond crusted tiara Head Gear 100%
A long, heavy black cape Cloaks & Capes 10%
A worn animal hide vest Upper Body Gear 30%
A set of finely worked shoulder pads sparkling with gold Shoulder Wear 33%
A pair of golden silk sleeves Arm Wear 35%
A wolfskin belt Belts 100%
An iron bracelet with ancient engravings Wrist Trinkets 30%
A dark silver cuff Wrist Trinkets 5%
A pair of wolfhide gloves Hand Gear 90%
A delicate spear with a ruby tip Weapons 25%
A pair of dull green earthen breeches Leg Wear 30%
A pair of soft-soled boots Foot Wear 1%
A platinum throwing spear Weapons 10%
A golden engraved shield Shields 60%
A pair of gold-fringed boots Foot Wear 34%
A silver throwing spear Weapons 30%
A velvet leather shoufa Head Gear 40%
A gold ring Rings 65%
A pair of wolfhide gloves Hand Gear 50%
A sparkling golden armlet Wrist Trinkets 65%
A wolfskin belt Belts 40%
A pair of soft leather breeches Leg Wear 65%
A gold earring Ear Trinkets 40%
A delicate gold chain Neck Trinkets 45%
A woodland camouflage hunting cloak Cloaks & Capes 50%
A wolfhide tunic Upper Body Gear 65%
A spear with a sungwood shaft Weapons 60%
A pair of light leather sleeves Arm Wear 70%
A pair of tough leather shoulder pads Shoulder Wear 50%
A tough leather belt Belts 100%
A steel throwing spear Weapons 60%
A pair of soft leather boots Foot Wear 100%
A pair of thick leather leggings Leg Wear 100%
A reinforced leather shield Shields 100%
A dull copper ring Rings 100%
A silver bracelet Wrist Trinkets 100%
A pair of wolfhide sleeves Arm Wear 100%
A soft leather tunic Upper Body Gear 100%
A rock colored shoufa Head Gear 100%
A sparkling ruby earring Ear Trinkets 100%
A plain silver chain Neck Trinkets 100%
A light steel spear Weapons 100%
An iron throwing spear Weapons 100%