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A Free Online Wheel of Time Based Game

Kinslayer MUD is a free online text-based game. A Multi-user dungeon is one of the oldest forms of online gaming. They lack the complexity of graphics, allowing for intense competition in ways that no modern-day game can accurately capture.

Based on Robert Jordan's popular "Wheel of Time" fantasy series, Kinslayer features popular elements of the books such as Shadowspawn classes such as Trollocs and Myrddraal and classes such as tainted male channelers. To jump into the thick of the action, click the "Play Now!" button above!

Live Battle Reports

(00:37) Nicotine slew Kyrana for a gain of 18 weave points.
(23:59) Joshua slew Aj for a gain of 48 weave points.
(22:31) Nicotine slew Phantasm for a gain of 72 weave points.
(21:21) Jerez slew Apokalypse for a gain of 5 weave points.
(23:38) Pitch slew Barf for a gain of 60 weave points.
(23:02) June slew Gargul for a gain of 7 weave points.
(21:21) Zharia and Phantasm slew Kyrana for a gain of 26 weave points.
(21:11) Clark slew Phantasm for a gain of 141 weave points.
(15:24) Phantasm slew Bollesedun for a gain of 396 weave points.
(00:19) Phantasm slew Kyrana for a gain of 15 weave points.