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Sparrow, Thy Lord The Immaculate
Player's Description
JUDGE ALMIGHTY FLAUNTS A CONVICTION RATE OF 100%. OFFICIAL CLAN POLICIES: Warrants: Jack investigates to see if person is Darkfriend Pardons: Must repent to The Lord Thy God, Jack Bauer and be deemed innocent.
User Statistics
Players Killed: 36
Mob Deaths: 11
Player Deaths: 16
Created: Mar 11, 2006
Last Sign In: Jun 21, 2018
Race: Human
Class: Ranger
Known Clans
  • Valon Student (Rank 1)
Recent Player Kills
Slew Apokalypse 1,581 days ago with 1 other.
Slew Nyoga 2,892 days ago with 2 others.
Slew Apolla 3,366 days ago with 1 other.
Slew Blark 3,366 days ago with 1 other.
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