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Player's Description
Sparkling gray eyes framed by corn silk hair, she beams a smile at you. Judging by her face, she couldnt be more than 17 winters. She proudly wears a shawl fringed with a deep green, and a shining ring with a serpent biting it's tail.
User Statistics
Players Killed: 2
Mob Deaths: 15
Player Deaths: 17
Created: Aug 28, 2009
Last Sign In: Mar 23, 2017
Race: Trolloc
Class: Dreadguard
Known Clans
  • Dreadguards Reaper (Rank 3)
Recent Player Kills
Slew Tsidun 5,067 days ago.
Slew Tryss 5,073 days ago.
Slew Fletcher 5,092 days ago.