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al' Brodrif
Player's Description
You notice a clean shaved man infront of you. You look into his cold,hard icy blue eyes. You are so destracted that you see a large weapon inces away from you throat.
User Statistics
Players Killed: 5
Mob Deaths: 7
Player Deaths: 48
Created: Jul 20, 2009
Last Sign In: Mar 25, 2011
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Known Clans
  • Borderguards Wall Guard (Rank 2)
Recent Player Kills
Slew Obould 4,846 days ago with 1 other.
Slew Shades 4,980 days ago.
Slew Gag 4,981 days ago with 4 others.
Slew Gnaa 4,984 days ago with 2 others.