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Player's Description
This young man stands off to the side, his long dark coat unbuttoned, large collar hitched high. Black shoulder length hair hides most of his pale shaven face, his eyes obscured in shadow. He absently toys with the tip of a spear.
User Statistics
Players Killed: 1
Mob Deaths: 13
Player Deaths: 16
Created: Jul 01, 2014
Last Sign In: Dec 06, 2014
Race: Human
Class: Unknown
Known Clans
  • Mortifi is not known to belong to any clans.
Recent Player Kills
Slew Monsta 3,310 days ago.
Slew Otar 3,348 days ago with 4 others.
Slew Surka 3,348 days ago with 5 others.
Slew Surka 3,348 days ago with 3 others.