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Player's Description
A tall monstrous creature towers over you, with a wolf like snout for a mouth it snarls at you evilly with drool slaging down its razor sharp talon-like teeth. Wearing only torn up rags on its stocky body, he looks like he could run for an eternity and never tire from the thrill of the chase.
User Statistics
Players Killed: 1
Mob Deaths: 2
Player Deaths: 3
Created: May 09, 2010
Last Sign In: Dec 28, 2014
Race: Trolloc
Class: Ranger
Known Clans
  • Eothain is not known to belong to any clans.
Recent Player Kills
Slew Tiberius 3,464 days ago with 4 others.
Slew Bradley 3,464 days ago with 4 others.
Slew Pitch 5,073 days ago.