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Player's Description
Dokes does not have a description.
User Statistics
Players Killed: 64
Mob Deaths: 21
Player Deaths: 41
Created: Apr 01, 2007
Last Sign In: Feb 06, 2019
Race: Human
Class: Thief
Known Clans
  • Valon Veteran Guardsman (Rank 5)
Recent Player Kills
Slew Alazon 3,211 days ago with 1 other.
Slew Cannibal 3,211 days ago.
Slew Shady 3,252 days ago.
Slew Grym 3,252 days ago.
Slew Otar 4,218 days ago.
Slew Conejita 4,251 days ago.
Slew Phantasm 4,497 days ago.
Slew Ifrit 4,498 days ago.
Slew Zeek 4,527 days ago.
Slew Zeek 4,527 days ago.
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