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Payson of Shadar Logoth
Player's Description
Tey does not have a description.
User Statistics
Players Killed: 41
Mob Deaths: 3
Player Deaths: 9
Created: Nov 26, 2014
Last Sign In: Jun 12, 2018
Race: Trolloc
Class: Unknown
Known Clans
  • Tey is not known to belong to any clans.
Recent Player Kills
Slew Terinor 88 days ago.
Slew Reamus 348 days ago.
Slew Tiberius 348 days ago.
Slew Reamus 349 days ago.
Slew Reamus 349 days ago with 1 other.
Slew Verna 349 days ago.
Slew Verna 349 days ago.
Slew Rafael 556 days ago.
Slew Tamira 1,276 days ago with 4 others.
Slew Tiberius 1,276 days ago with 3 others.
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