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the Wicked Scarecrow
Player's Description
You cant destroy matter or me, for serious I'm rippin holes in you bigger than the hole in your black hole theory was
User Statistics
Players Killed: 23
Mob Deaths: 15
Player Deaths: 12
Created: Jul 20, 2010
Last Sign In: Mar 27, 2018
Race: Trolloc
Class: Unknown
Known Clans
  • Boondox is not known to belong to any clans.
Recent Player Kills
Slew Konnor 1,318 days ago with 1 other.
Slew Konnor 1,319 days ago with 2 others.
Slew Vlad 1,320 days ago with 3 others.
Slew Konnor 1,320 days ago with 3 others.
Slew Markus 1,320 days ago.
Slew Dunmar 1,486 days ago.
Slew Semper 2,615 days ago.
Slew Tamira 2,615 days ago.
Slew Defish 2,789 days ago.
Slew Koal 2,804 days ago.
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